Investor FAQ


When was Milbon’s IPO and where is the company’s stock traded?
Milbon’s stock was initially listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2000 and was moved to the first section in June 2001.
What is the securities code and where can I find Stock Information about Milbon’s stock?
The securities code is 4919. Information about the stock is on the Basic Information page.
What is the trading unit?
The trading unit is 100 shares.
Please provide information about the dividend and other shareholder distributions.
This information is on the Distribution of Profits page.
When is the shareholders meeting?
See the Shareholders' Meeting page for more information. The date of the shareholders meeting is on the IR calendar page.
What is the composition of Milbon’s shareholders?
This information is on the Shareholder Information page.
How do I change my address and perform other shareholder procedures?
This information is on the shareholder services page.