IR Policy

Our company's mission as a public corporation is to build trusting relationships with stockholders and investors, meeting their expectations by continuously increasing our profits and winning their understanding of our corporate situation through IR activities. On the basis of this belief, we promote appropriate IR activities by providing stockholders and investors with easy-to-understand information on our achievements and future prospects, in a timely manner.

1. Promotion of IR activities

To carry out our IR policy, top management more often informs institutional investors and analysts regarding Milbon's business performances and future prospects, to deepen their understanding.

2. Timely and impartial information disclosure

Milbon announces important corporate information in timely manner to the general public, and subsequently to investors, in accordance with relevant provisions stipulated in the securities transaction laws and the Tokyo Stock Exchange regulations. In addition, the Company seeks to ensure impartiality in disclosing information, providing the same quality and quantity of information to all. In occasions such as briefings and individual meetings with institutional investors and analysts, any confidential information or important facts will be disclosed.
ß Milbon will further improve its online information service to disseminate more timely and consistent information.

3. Performance forecasts

Performance forecasts that Milbon releases, and other materials concerning Milbon's future business performances (including information posted on our website), could help stockholders and investors predict the Company's performance. Such forecasts also include plans, prospects and strategies then available. While these forecasts may sometimes be based on historical facts, they may some other times be based on assumptions or management judgments that are based on limited resources. Due to various factors, actual results may differ from results forecast in the forward-looking statements. Milbon therefore asks that future performances of the Company not be predicted solely on the basis of such information.

4. Terms and Condition

In using information posted on this website, please refer to this IR policy, as well as exclusion and other clauses stated separately.